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A Responsive Classroom Primer

Teachers and school leaders who are just beginning to learn about the Responsive Classroom approach often ask me which book they should read first to get a good overview. It’s true there are an ever-growing number of wonderful books in the Responsive Classroom Library, at least thirty at last count! Margaret Berry Wilson’s latest book, […]

Disallowing Childhood

I urge teachers and parents to read this New York Times OpEd piece, “Raising the Ritalin Generation.” The author, Bronwen Hruska, in telling us the story of her family’s and, in particular, her son’s misadventures in the land of ADHD misdiagnosis, creates a cautionary tale for us all to heed. Hruska concludes that much of […]

Child Development and Children’s Minds

Earlier this summer, at the Responsive Classroom Schools Conference held at George Washington University in Washington, DC, I had the opportunity to spend a day with Tina Payne Bryson, PhD, co-author with Daniel Siegel, MD, of The Whole-Brain Child. Bryson led an informative pre-session workshop for thirty educators on attachment theory and its practical applications […]

Notice: Hear Me on ASCD Podcast, Thursday, November 4th

Check out the ASCD and Whole Child websites on Thursday, Novemember 4th, for the “Whole Child Podcast—Changing the Conversation About Education.” JOIN THE CONVERSATION! Ask Chip a question or share your own thoughts! —If you’re reading this entry on the blog site, click “Post a Comment” or the word “Comments” below the entry —If you’re […]

Executive Functioning and Cognitive Growth: The Intersection of Social, Emotional, and Academic Learning

A number of studies in early childhood classrooms have documented that “self-regulation predicts academic performance in first grade, over and above cognitive skills and family background.” (Examples of these studies: Blair, 2002; Farran, 2010; McClelland, M. M.; Piccinin, A., & Stallings, M. C., 2010; Raver & Knitzer, 2002). JOIN THE CONVERSATION! Ask Chip a question […]