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Educating America—A Review of a Great Book

If you are an elementary or middle school principal, teacher, or parent interested in increasing the amount of parent and/or volunteer participation in a classroom or school, I have a really excellent resource for you: Educating America: 101 Strategies for Adult Assistants in K-8 Classrooms by Paddy Eger, a clear expert on the matter. The […]

Part II—21st Century Technology & Child Development

A technology that is 5,000 years old could be an especially important development for students and teachers dealing with anxiety, screen fatigue, and overstimulation from electronic devices, media exposure, and technology classes. Yoga for children, as well as adults, is gaining mainstream acceptance as a meaningful and accessible avenue to stress reduction, physical relaxation, and […]

Part I—21st Century Technology & Child Development

Two fascinating articles were sent to me this past week: one by a colleague and one by my daughter, who has a 13- and an 8-year-old, and a 6-month-old infant, all under her wing. The first article, written by Michelle Roberts of the BBC, deals with the question of television viewing and its impact on […]

A Responsive Classroom Primer

Teachers and school leaders who are just beginning to learn about the Responsive Classroom approach often ask me which book they should read first to get a good overview. It’s true there are an ever-growing number of wonderful books in the Responsive Classroom Library, at least thirty at last count! Margaret Berry Wilson’s latest book, […]

Windows Into Parenting

Two books crossed paths on my reading list this past week and am I glad they did! Both make wonderful contributions to our understanding of growth and development and the ways our lives are shaped both by how we were parented and how we respond to and learn from that parenting—how we become who we […]

Just What Did the Doctors Order? More Reasons for Recess!

Beyond the amazingly clear and important major recommendation about school recess by the American Academy of Pediatrics  in my last blog entry are a number of additional eloquent gems worth noting (and perhaps posting on teacher bulletin boards next to Common Core standards timelines and curriculum pacing charts). Have a look at these important insights […]

Children’s responses to traumatic events

Our hearts are full of sadness and love and support for all the families and those who work at Sandy Hook Elementary School. We pray for all the children and grown-ups who lost their lives. Teachers and parents in Newtown, and also throughout the country and around the world, will be coping with their children’s […]

Red Flags for Primary Teachers

Somewhere in the vicinity of 30 years ago, I sat on an imaginary front porch at a Lesley Kindergarten Conference Workshop with another conference participant as we visualized what we saw in our teaching futures and the future of education. My workshop partner’s name was Katie Johnson, author of Doing Words as well as More […]